Carpet Pre Spray

carpet pre spray

The right carpet pre spray can be the difference between a successful cleaning job and a frustrating failure. Carpet pre sprays are sprayed on the carpet before the cleaning process and work to break down soils, oils and other residue that can trap dirt in your fibers. Pre sprays also help protect against new soils by creating a chemical barrier between your carpet and accumulated spills, stains and other deposits.

Typically, pre sprays are made with powerful surfactants and solvents that do the heavy lifting for your carpet cleaner. These cleaning chemicals penetrate deep into the carpet and eat away at problem soiling that your steam cleaner can’t reach. They may also contain special enzymes to help breakdown proteins such as fried food grease or dairy products like milk. These ingredients can help you break down oil-based stains more effectively and reduce your dry time.

Why Using a Carpet Pre-Spray Can Make All the Difference in Carpet Cleaning

Many different types of pre spray are available depending on the type of cleaning job or condition of your carpet. Some are formulated for a specific kind of soiling, other special situations (like cleaning restaurant carpet to remove oils) or even for different fiber and construction types.

For example, one of our best buys, the Bridgepoint Systems Flex liquid pre spray, is formulated to be strong enough for restorative jobs but safe enough to use on all fiber types. This powerful cleaning product contains a blend of surfactants and builders that quickly break down oils and soils and is especially effective on greasy, ground-in foods and red dyes (like Kool Aid). If you prefer a powder with the added power of Citrus Solv, try our top selling product, the Carpet Pro Booster Powder with Citrus. It is the ultimate heavy duty pre spray and works well with the Hydro-Force injection sprayer and other pump or battery-operated sprayers.