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Bluetti AC200 Max – The Most Comprehensive Portable Power Station in Our Range

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bluetti ac200 max

The Bluetti ac200 max is the most comprehensive, portable power station in our Bluetti range. It features a higher continuous load of 2200W, a LiFePO4 battery, the option to control the power station via an app and the option to expand with additional batteries.

The AC200 Max is a premium portable power station that will change the way you think about going off-grid or preparing for an emergency. It offers a 2200W output, which is more than enough for most people to run simple devices like a fridge and lights. URL bluetti ac200 max power station |

It is also equipped with a 2,220W pure sine wave power inverter that can safely surge up to 4,800W. That means that the power station can run a wide variety of devices and is ideal for running critical equipment like a CPAP machine.

Bluetti AC200 Max User Manual: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setup and Operation

You can also hot-swap external battery modules without shutting down the system, which is a really nice feature. This is especially helpful if you have multiple B230 battery expansion modules or want to increase the total capacity of the unit by adding another two external batteries.

As with all Bluetti products, the AC200 Max has a sleek design that differentiates it from other solar generators on the market. It has a textured black body with metallic grey edges and handles that are accentuated with cool blue branding.

The AC200 Max is also equipped with a wide range of input ports for charging its own internal battery and other power sources such as a car or a solar panel. This is very uncommon for a solar generator and makes it much easier to get the power you need when away from a mains socket. It is able to charge from solar panels, a 500W AC adapter, a 12V car charger or a lead acid battery pack.

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