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Choosing Garden Edging Systems

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Garden Edging Systems

The flowers and shrubs that are part of a garden or lawn need protection from the whipper snippers, mowers and rototillers. This is why landscape edging systems are popular, whether they’re made of wood, stone or metal. Different types of edgings offer various aesthetics and features, so they’re well suited for different landscape styles. Some are easy to install, while others require professional help or special tools. Some are more costly than others, and the installation costs must be factored into the overall project budget.Find out

The first step in choosing the right landscape edging system is to determine the purpose of the edge. For example, is it to keep mulch or soil in a defined area? Or is it more decorative, like creating a pattern in a planting bed or unifying a hardscaped feature? Once that decision is made, the next step is to choose a material.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Garden Edging System

There are many options, such as brick, which can be both durable and attractive. There are also long rolls of plastic edging that are easily installed by simply pounding them into the ground. Some are even made of recycled rubber tires! Other materials include natural stone, which can create a classic look that’s durable and easy to install. Other edgings are more practical, such as simple landscape timber that’s pressure-treated to protect against termites and rot.

There are also galvanized or powder-coated steel edging products, as well as Corten, which can be left to naturally rust and take on an elegantly aged appearance. These types of landscape edgings are more durable than other metals, and they’re especially useful for creating sharp-looking edges because they don’t protrude from the lawn.

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