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Choosing the Best Thermal Imaging Camera

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Unlike regular cameras that capture visible light, thermal imaging cameras use sensors to detect invisible infrared (IR) energy. The resulting visual “thermograms” are similar to what you see in movies like Predator and Prey but can reveal a lot more detail about what’s happening.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best thermal imaging camera. The resolution of the sensor and display, the frame rate of video recording, the sensitivity of thermal detection, and the warranty should all be considered carefully. You should also look into whether a model supports multiple image modes. These can be useful for different applications and can make it easier to identify problems.

Choosing the Right One: How to Find the Best Thermal Imaging Camera

The FLIR E8-XT is one of the top choices for thermal imaging cameras on the market thanks to its high IR resolution and great image clarity. The camera is able to see more subtle heat differences, making it easy for electrical and mechanical engineers to identify faults. It is also incredibly effective at detecting the source of an issue, with a range of temperature threshold settings to help them pinpoint problematic areas.

Another great feature of this model is the MSX image enhancement, which digitally overlays a visible picture on the thermal image for better clarity. This makes it easier to distinguish what the problem is, and can save a lot of time. It’s also incredibly durable, with a 2m drop rating and dust-proof and waterproof housing. It also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to share images and data.

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