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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment

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carpet cleaning equipment

Commercial carpet cleaning equipment | TMF Store  helps professionals provide top-notch services to their customers. It also reflects positively on the company and improves customer retention rates in the long run.

Stain removal products, air scrubbing devices and defoamers are also crucial components of any carpet cleaner toolkit. A good stain remover will help you break down stains while a defoamer can reduce foaming caused by detergents and accelerate drying time to speed up your cleaning process.

Upright models with large tank capacities can be more powerful than handheld or portable carpet cleaners, but they’re also heavier and require more refills. Some uprights have two tanks — one for clean water and another for dirty water, which is more convenient and saves you money by reducing your need to fill up the machine with dirty water.

The Top Carpet Cleaning Equipment for Professional Results

Portable models can be less expensive than uprights, but they’re more fragile and difficult to move around. They also require more storage space and can’t be used to spot clean smaller areas, like upholstery or stairs.

A good handheld carpet cleaner will have an array of attachments for tackling different types of stains and spots. A few options include a carpet shampooer, a carpet dryer and an upholstery brush.

Some carpet cleaners also have a built-in heater and stain pre-treatment for even more thorough cleaning. Some can be rolled up and stored easily when not in use, like the Rug Doctor compact cleaner we tested. Depending on your needs, a handheld cleaner may be the best option for your business.

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