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Fish Frenzy Game Review

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fish frenzy

Designed by Brett J. Gilbert, fish frenzy is a game of seagulls and fishmongering. Its cartoonish style is very bright and colorful. The artwork captures the quirkiness of animal eyes.

Fish Frenzy is played in rounds, and each player has a boat of his or her own. The goal of the game is to catch the most fish cards. The player with the most cards scores three points, and the player with the second most gets one point. The game will end when all of the Seagull tokens are on different boats.

A player can place a Seagull on an unoccupied boat. The player can then challenge another player to get the seagull back. The player who challenges must then play a number of fish tokens equal to the amount of fish played by the other player plus one. Alternatively, the seagull can move to another unoccupied boat.

Winning symbols will remind you of that time you landed a prize-winning catch

There are other ways to score, like by catching treasures or other things. Some of the items that can be caught include bubbles, worms, watches, and shells. These items can then be used in the Sort the Catch phase. The player who catches the most will be the winner.

The game also features an auction/bidding mechanic. Players can bid on boats to control the best ones. They can also bid to deny cards to other players. The player who wins the bid will keep the boat. However, they will risk losing the fish tokens they have already bid on.

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