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Helping Your Special Child Reach Their Full Potential

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When you have a child with special child, you’re on a life-long journey that can be emotionally and financially challenging. But many people will help you along the way, from doctors to therapists, nurses and teachers. They’ll provide your child with the support they need to reach their full potential and live a happy and fulfilling life.

A child’s special educational needs may be identified when they make slower progress than other children in the same grade, or are having trouble with one area of learning, such as maths, reading, writing, spelling or counting. They could also have a physical need, such as difficulty with mobility or vision or hearing loss.

Breaking Down Barriers: Promoting Accessibility in Special Education

In the United States, special education is provided through a process called Individualized Education Program (opens in new window). It’s planned by a team, including your child’s parents and based on the results of their evaluations.

It’s important that family members of a child with special needs understand their disabilities and that they’re not afraid to ask questions. Many children with special needs feel misunderstood, or are told they’re ill when it is not true. They also don’t like being referred to as a special needs child, as it suggests they are different and need sympathy.

Most parents of special children would prefer not to be referred to as a special needs parent. They want to be treated just like any other parent, with love and respect.

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