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How “12×12” Cardstock Does Not Shed Or Crack Making It Perfect For All Craft Projects

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12x12 cardstock

12×12 Cardstock is one of the most common sizes used for printing on regular paper. You can also purchase special and specialty paper from us. “12×12 Cardstock is also widely used by many retailers as well as businesses and corporations to print their logo, company name, slogan, etc. for marketing and promotional purposes. This type of paper has many uses and can be printed in different colors and various thicknesses. There is a special type of paper called bonded cardstock which is thicker than standard cardstock but is more durable and has better quality printing.

What Everyone Must Know About How “12×12” Cardstock Does Not Shed Or Crack Making It Perfect For All Craft Projects

“12×12 cardstock does not shed or crack making it perfect for all of your craft projects.” I was surprised at this and was looking for a company that sold nothing else like that. I was very happy and impressed with the answer I was given and will continue to use the company for all of my crafts and paper projects.

You can find all of your scrapbooking supplies and accessories at “Scrapbook Supply”. We carry many popular brands and specialty papers like: premade colored cards, scrapbook borders, cardstock colors, many different paper patterns and embellishments and more. “Scrapbook Supply” is a online source for everything you need to get started with scrapbooking and make beautiful memories. Scrapbook supplies include scrapbook pages, cardstock colors, borders, embellishments and more.

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