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How to Maintain an Electric Fence

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electric Fence

Electric FenceFast is a great option for those looking to keep animals contained while also deterring predators and unwanted people from entering their land. However, it is important to understand that this type of fencing requires regular maintenance. Damaged insulators can leak current, poorly grounded energisers can drain voltage and even weeds and other vegetation on the wires can reduce the effectiveness of an electric fence. If not properly maintained, an electric fence can pose a risk of injury to humans or animals that come in contact with it.

The concept behind an electric fence is simple: electricity will only travel through a closed circuit. The power energizer (the component that converts mains electricity into the brief high voltage pulses that power electric fences) sends one electrical pulse along a connected bare wire each second. The pulses connect to a metal rod implanted in the ground, called a ground rod, through which they flow to complete the circuit. If a person or animal touches the live fence wire and the ground rods simultaneously during a pulse they will receive an electric shock.

No Trespassing: Understanding the Legalities and Effectiveness of Electric Fences

This technology was first used as early as the late 19th century by ranchers in Texas as a more humane alternative to barbed wire. Since the introduction of low internal impedance solid state energisers in the 1970’s these devices have become an effective management tool for controlling wildlife in both livestock and wildlife areas. Despite the success of these devices, it is not uncommon for people to be electrocuted by them. For this reason, it is essential to be vigilant about maintaining your electric fences and make sure that people and animals know they are in danger if they touch them.

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