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Last Minute Getaways Can Lead to Unexpected Travel Opportunities

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last minute getaways

While conventional wisdom says it’s always better to plan a trip well in advance, last minute getaways can also lead to unexpected travel opportunities. After all, as airlines and hotels try to fill their empty seats or rooms, they may sweeten the deal by offering discounts. Plus, with the right app or website at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to find cheap vacation packages.

For example, while vacation homes on the popular Vrbo site owned by Expedia have been snatched up this summer, it’s possible to score a last-minute summer getaway to the beaches of North Carolina or South Florida for just over $300 per night. Or, if you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort, Sandals and Club Med are both known to offer great deals on last-minute trips.

Escape the Daily Grind: Last-Minute Getaways to Recharge

A last-minute trip doesn’t need to mean a stay in a luxury hotel either; sometimes it can be as simple as packing a backpack and heading out on an adventure. You’ll discover that there are last-minute deals to be found everywhere, from a hostel in the heart of Barcelona to a quaint boutique hotel in downtown Denver.

And if you’re feeling especially inspired, you can even find discounted tours on last-minute getaways. That’s because tour companies often over-price their experiences in advance, but as the departure date nears, they know that fewer people are likely to book, so they reduce prices to encourage more bookings.

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