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Microdosing in Vancouver

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The Vancouver area is a hub for microdosing. People are using psilocybin (known as magic mushrooms) for health, wellness and creativity. They are also using it to help with addiction and depression. Media such as Michael Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind has created excitement about the potential for psychedelics to be healers, but it is important to keep in mind that these substances should never be taken lightly. Thrive’s counselling services are here to meet this enthusiasm with realistic caution, educating the public about how and when to use these drugs. Learn more

Surveys identify diverse motivations for microdosing; respondents report reducing anxiety and depression, improving mental well-being, and enhancing cognitive performance as key motives3. Interestingly, a subset of participants reported reducing problematic substance use as another major reason for microdosing. The fact that microdosers were less likely to use alcohol — which is arguably the most harmful psychoactive drug from both personal and public health perspectives — is consistent with this emphasis on reducing harms associated with the consumption of psychoactive substances.

Vancouver’s Psychedelic Frontier: Navigating Microdosing Culture

The study that was referenced above was a 30-day trial of microdosing in which a group of participants took a low dose of psilocybin twice per week for one month. During the trial, participants completed assessments that queried past-month psychedelic practices, measured mood and mental well-being, and presented tasks testing cognitive and psychomotor ability. In a series of supplementary analyses, microdosers performed better on assessments measuring these domains than non-microdosers.

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