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Phone Number Risk Scoring

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Using phone number risk scoring, companies can protect their websites and mobile apps from bad actors. These tools use a real-time risk evaluation to detect and remove fraudulent numbers. Phone number intelligence can also help to improve user experience by providing greater accuracy in fraud detection.

Phone Number Intelligence API: Fraud & Risk Scoring

IPQS (IPQS) is a leading source of phone number intelligence. It provides a comprehensive blacklist check based on behavior across the threat network, and also integrates quality checks to identify fraudulent phone numbers. IPQS supports both landlines and cell phones, and is able to detect and eliminate high risk behavior including fake accounts, chargebacks, and bots.

In addition to its blacklist check, IPQS also uses an advanced phone number risk scoring algorithm to identify high risk numbers. It does this by combining deep number reputation checks with predictive modeling and machine learning. This allows IPQS to detect and eliminate high risk behavior faster than similar providers.

IPQS also incorporates a unique phone number reputation API, which can detect mobile and landline phone numbers as well as VOIP lines. It uses proprietary data and dark web monitoring to obtain this information. This data can identify bad actors quickly and help companies stop database breaches and fraud activity.

IPQS also identifies temporary phone numbers and low quality users. This helps to reduce the risk of business email compromise or account takeover. The service also supports VOIP and digital voice lines. IPQS provides global carrier support, and supports any country.

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