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Real Time Merchandising Solution

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Imagine a soda real time merchandising solution with a bottleneck that results in out-of-stock products on the shelves. This creates a bad customer experience, higher per-unit operating costs and lost revenue as cases sit idle. A real time merchandising solution helps prevent this by giving your team the power of real-time supply chain visibility. The app lets merchandisers track shipment locations, continuously updated ETAs and more so they can spend more time re-stocking shelves and less on other logistics-related activities.

Get a better understanding of your shoppers and their journey with real-time customer analytics, including store visit, purchase, return and shopping behavior. This data fuels your merchandising strategies, allowing you to boost sales and engagement in stores by providing customers with personalized product discovery and shopping experiences.

Price Smart, Sell Smart: How Retail Pricing Software Boosts Revenue

Achieve real-time inventory and supply chain visibility across your entire retail business with a single mobile app. Track item-level inventory in warehouses, shipments and stores to deliver omnichannel shopping experiences like buy online, pick up in store or reserve online, ship to store.

Use signal-based insights from your connected merchandise & smart displays to improve availability and enhance your customers’ shopping experiences in stores and at home. Connected Merchandise converts key sales funnel metrics like availability, views, engagement and fitting room conversion into actionable insights that help you meet customer expectations and exceed your KPIs.

Turn merchandising into a revenue stream with a simple, user-friendly mobile app that delivers a seamless workflow. Easily assign tasks with a drag-and-drop builder, share reference materials in-app and confirm execution for stronger retail collaboration. Monitor GPS location and field performance with real-time reports, sales metrics and KPIs to drive more accurate and efficient merchandising in the store.

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