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Skinny Leather Trousers Mens

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For those who are looking to get into men’s leather pants but don’t want to go full-on leather, a pair of skinny leather pants men is the perfect solution. These leather-look pants look like track pants but are made from supple lambskin and lined with a soft cotton-polyamide blend that will keep your legs from getting too hot and prevent them from feeling stiff. They also feature a blue double line accent on the sides that gives them a more formal feel and elongates your legs making you look taller and leaner.

Contemporary Charm: Skinny Leather Pants for Men

The Perfect Leather Pants for Guys

In American popular culture, fully enclosed leather pants have always signified rebellion and the bursting geyser of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion that exploded with it. Eddie Cochran, The Beatles and other icons have all worn leather pants at one time or another to mark their arrival in the hallowed realm of rock stardom. As new permutations of rock music sprang up in the ’70s and ’80s from punk to glam, leather pants became a staple in the wardrobes of those who sought to emulate that rarified air of superstardom.

These slim fit black leather pants are meticulously designed for the fashion-forward rider. With a sleek silhouette and form-fitting comfort they seamlessly combine Western influences with rebellious biker fashion style. Reinforced knees provide extra durability and protection while a smooth black leather elevates your look.

Whether you’re heading to the leather bar the fetish party or the night club these leather pants are perfect for any occasion that calls for a sexy edge. Made from beautiful Goatskin (arguably the best and priciest kind of leather that money can buy) they’re a cut above your average pair of black leather pants but they still cost less than $500.

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