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Structured Cabling San Antonio

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No matter how flashy and expensive the computers, enterprise-class routers, and feature-rich phones are in your IT environment, they can’t work if the cabling isn’t properly installed and managed. That’s why you need a Structured Cabling San Antonio contractor who can provide the quality, reliability, and speed your organization demands.

There are two big mistakes businesses make when it comes to data cable infrastructure. First, they assume that all boxes of cable are the same – they are not. They have different quality and specifications, and purchasing cheap cable can cost you in the long run due to slow speeds and lost data. Second, they choose the least expensive labor they can find, which often lacks knowledge of general specifications for cabling installation and leads to tangled wires that can cause network downtime.

Building a Strong Foundation: Structured Cabling in San Antonio

The experienced team of network cabling contractors at Uprite Services can help you select the right cables and installation techniques for your business and network requirements, and guarantee your telecommunications are running in compliance with current industry standards. Our TIA/EIA, ANSI, and CSA certifications demonstrate our expertise in whole-building telecommunications.

Whether you need to connect that new employee in Accounting or extend your network to a neighboring office, our structured cabling solutions can help you do it quickly and affordably. Contact us today to schedule a free site survey.

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