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The Best Gelato in Bologna

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Italy is well-known for its great gelato in Bologna is no exception. While it might not be as famous as Florence (check out our guide here for the best gelato in Florence), this city is home to Carpigiani and hosts Gelato University, which makes it a top spot for gelato lovers.

Stroll under the pretty porticos of Bologna and you’ll see dozens of gelato shops lining the streets. While many of them serve classic flavors, some are at the forefront of creative and playful flavor combinations that will make you want to come back again and again.

Cremeria Funivia

If you want a gelato that tastes and looks like it was sculpted by Renaissance artists, this is the place to go. The creamy, rich ice cream at this popular spot draws long lines and is almost impossible to finish in one sitting. Try their Tortino Funivia, a luxurious chocolate cake-flavored ice cream, or the creamy Crema Elixir, which is made with mascarpone, eggs, and sweet San Marzano liqueur.

Stefino Gelato Biologico

One thing that sets this shop apart from the rest is its commitment to using organic ingredients and offering a variety of vegan options. You can enjoy a brioche con gelato, a traditional Italian dessert of a bread roll filled with gelato, or choose from their rice-based gelato in flavors like vanilla with caramelized figs or dark chocolate with ginger and curry. Vegans will love their sorbets and granita, too.

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