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The Dangers of Using Public Wi-Fi

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dangers of using public wifi

When you how to prevent viruses on computer to public wifi, your data is being sent over the airwaves where anyone can access it. This includes hackers, who can steal your passwords, credit card numbers and more. It’s no secret that you should avoid public Wi-Fi as much as possible, but many people don’t understand the risks. The truth is, it doesn’t take a sophisticated hacker to exploit an unsecure wireless network.

In addition to being open to the public, most public networks don’t use any type of encryption or a strong security protocol to protect data. Hackers can easily exploit unsecure public wifi by using malware to spread over devices that connect to it. The malware can then collect sensitive information, hijack your device or render it unusable.

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Other dangerous risks of using public wifi include password hacking and phishing attacks. Cybercriminals can use specialized tools to search for any passwords you’ve entered into websites or apps while connected to public wifi and then re-enter them into other sites and apps on your device. This is called a man-in-the-middle attack.

Luckily, there are ways to reduce the risk of using public wifi and keep your data secure. Make sure to always use a VPN when you’re on the go, never connect to suspicious public networks and keep your software up-to-date. If you’re a business owner, implementing a strong cybersecurity suite that also includes a virtual private network (VPN) is essential to prevent NDA breaches and endangering your employees’ personal financial information while they work from home or on the go.

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