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Thermal Imaging Surveys – What Can They Do For You?

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thermal imaging survey uk

Homeowners may choose to commission a thermal imaging survey uk due to an unexplained increase in energy bills, damp or insulation issues. Identifying the causes of these problems can help homeowners to take appropriate remedial action and to save money on their utility bills. In addition, a thermal imaging survey can be useful to homeowners planning renovations or retrofitting insulation to prioritise where improvement works should be completed. In the case of damp and condensation, a thermal image survey can help to find hidden leaks, highlight under-performing or incorrectly installed insulation and reveal air ingress, particularly from draughty gaps.

Thermographic inspections can also help to locate hot spots within a building – an issue that often leads to fires and electrical failure. This can be particularly important for businesses that operate industrial equipment, where fires or power cuts could result in loss of production and potentially damage to critical infrastructure.

Understanding the Cost of Domestic Thermal Imaging Surveys in the UK

Thermographic techniques have also proven to be extremely useful tools for ecologists conducting wildlife surveys. The rapid detection and location of heat sources can save time, money and increase safety in the field. This is especially true for cryptic or nocturnal species where visual methods are difficult to use.

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