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Why Your Bathtub Creaks When Standing in It

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bathtub creaks when standing in it

You’re taking a shower and enjoying the relaxing experience of getting clean when suddenly your bathtub creaks. You know the sound isn’t coming from your neighbors, but you’re wondering what could cause such a disconcerting noise.

While the bathtub creaks when standing in it you’re hearing aren’t necessarily a sign of a serious problem, you’ll want to investigate to ensure your tub is safe and secure. You can start by determining where the creaks are coming from. Creaking may be coming from the floor, a support beam or the tub itself.

Silencing the Creak: Solutions for a Noisy Bathtub When Standing

If the creaks are coming from the floor, you need to make sure it’s a structural issue and not something more minor such as water damage or a loose screw. In some cases, the wood under the bathtub will need to be replaced or shimmed. Ambitious DIYers can try using a low expansion foam filler or shims to fill the gaps between the tub and bathroom floor, but if you’re not comfortable with this type of repair, it’s best to call a professional.

Manufactured home bathtubs, especially the acrylic variety, are prone to creaking because of the material they’re made from. Unlike traditional soaking bathtubs, which are typically made from cast iron or steel, acrylic tubs are lightweight and more flexible. Acrylic is also a soft material, so it makes more noise when pushed against a hard surface such as the bottom of a bathroom floor or the walls surrounding the tub. If you have an acrylic bathtub, it’s important to place some form of support underneath it, which will help to prevent it from flexing and making the squeaking noise.

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