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Womens Gym Shorts – Keep Cool and Comfortable During Your Workout

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Whether you’re training to reach new PRs or just looking to get in shape, the right womens gym shorts can help you push your limits and keep you cool and comfortable throughout your workout. Look for shorts with sweat-wicking fabrics and stretchy constructions that allow for maximum mobility, like these high-waisted, tech fabric womens training tights from adidas. The fabric wicks moisture to prevent you from overheating and the tight fit provides moderate compression to support your muscles.

In addition to breathable fabrics, look for sweat-wicking technologies like the brand’s AEROREADY technology that manages moisture to keep you dry and comfortable during your workout. You should also look for squat-proof and camel toe-proof designs that won’t ride up when you’re in the middle of a set of reps.

Stay Cool and Comfy: The Best Gym Shorts for Women’s Workouts

When it comes to length, choose a style that fits your body type and exercise preferences. Generally speaking, shorter lengths are better for warm weather and offer more flexibility than longer options. If you’re a runner, for example, you may want to go with an eight-inch length. If you’re an endurance athlete, a slightly longer option may be better to fight chafing.

Most importantly, your workout gear should look good while performing at the gym and beyond. The Weekender Elastic Short from Lululemon is both on trend and functional with a four-inch inseam and waistband that’s easy to maneuver for adjusting mid-workout. Plus, it’s a style that you can easily transition to casual settings when you’re done exercising.

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