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Zeus Arc GT Review

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zues arc gt

The zues arc gt gt is the kind of portable vaporizer that’s so effective and simple to use you can’t help but keep it in your bag at all times. It’s small enough to easily fit in your pocket and sleek enough that it doesn’t look out of place. It’s the perfect balance between size and power packed into a tiny workhorse that delivers some of the most godly vapor for its size.

The Zeus Arc GT features a gold-coated heating chamber and a gold vapor path which is designed to absorb the heat from your herbs quickly resulting in smooth, cool and flavorful vapor by the time it reaches your mouth. This design is what really sets this vaporizer apart from competitors and gives it its indescribable quality.

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This vaporizer also features an accelerometer for 2 reasons; first, it uses motion to activate the device and turn off after 30 seconds of no activity so that your herbs aren’t overcooked or your battery isn’t depleted while you’re playing a game of Fortnite. Second, it will use the accelerometer to display the charge level of your battery.

Another new feature for the 3rd generation Arc is the improved medical-grade plastic mouthpiece that’s more resistant to heat and scratches than previous models. It also has a lip around it that makes using it as a tool for loading your herbs easy by basically acting like a scoop, this makes chamber reloading and stirring hassle-free and can help prevent waste and spills.

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